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Opportunity Gardens in Rockwell City

Opportunity Living, through the assistance of the Calhoun County Community Foundation, Pringle Trust, and private donors, has developed a community gardening space in Rockwell City.  Garden spaces are available for community groups and private citizens to sponsor vegetable and flower beds in both raised and in-ground plots on a first come, first served basis.


This project is a catalyst for neighborhood development, opportunities for recreation and education, a stimulating area for social interactions with our clients and residents, and a way to help beautify the entire neighborhood.  The community atmosphere created by the gardens is also beneficial to those who may wish to have family events utilizing Opportunity Living's miniature golf facilities.  A restroom is available on site and will be open according to posted hours.





Completed raised garden section, completely wheelchair accessible.  Each garden has its own water supply.  There are two feature gardens, the round in the foreground and the ground level (with the sign).


"If we approach the garden and the plants within it as an adventure, not a chore, as an opportunity, not an obligation, then we can relax and enjoy the people/plant connection."   (Hank Bruce & Tomi Jill Folk)

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