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Opportunity Living announces grant award of $166,216.80!

May 11, 2021

Opportunity Living announces an Iowa Food Bank Association Grant Award, in partnership with the Food Bank of Iowa and the State of Iowa, for $166,216.80! “We are very grateful to work alongside such top-notch programs. They provide such wonderful opportunities for our organization,” says Jayne Wilhelm, Community Relations and Development Director.

Grants were provided to Feeding America food bank partners and are possible due to CARES Act funding. The COVID Relief Partner Agency Grant was administered by the Iowa Food Bank Association, a coalition of six Feeding America food banks banding together to ensure no Iowan lacks proper nutrition.  

“Opportunity Living is over the moon excited for this grant. It is helpful in our phase of updating and moving our food to the warehouse formerly known as “Bob's Market," says Shannon Mahannah, CEO. We have a wonderful partnership with the Food Bank of Iowa and we receive over 1900 pounds of food donations each month, Mahannah adds. We will be housing all of our food that is distributed to all of our group homes at that location starting this summer.”

“The new location for the food program will provide a streamlined food distribution process for Opportunity Living and will make it possible to accept more donations from the Food Bank of Iowa and local businesses such as farmer's markets who are so generous to Opportunity Living every year. The dietary staff will be able to shop with ease for weekend menu planning, reduce food waste, and will be able to work with the recreation department on food needs for special events and outings. We are so grateful for this grant and our Food Bank partnership,” says Jean Lampe, Director of Facilities Management. 

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