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July 28, 2020

How does your garden grow? At Opportunity Living we are fortunate enough to have one of the best educators to answer that question! Darcy Murley has been part of the Opportunity Living Team for 31 years. Darcy has a bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from Iowa State and our clients have the benefit of learning from her. You will see Darcy working with clients of all skill levels to ensure they can participate in her classroom at all stages - from planting seeds to harvesting the final product to delivering food to the tables for all clients to enjoy. There are many adaptive pieces of equipment that allow everyone to participate and feel included in the entire process.

Darcy witnesses the clients feel such pride and accomplishment for their gardening efforts. Darcy said, “The simple act of growing a cucumber brings such anticipation and a smile that is so cool to see.” Darcy’s goals in her classroom are for the clients and staff that assist them to learn and experience everything to do with horticulture. Darcy is an educator. Darcy said, “Did you know that we share more than 60% of our DNA with a banana?” Wow!

Darcy also explores all of our five senses. The sense of touch, for example, can be experienced through the use of adaptive tools to plant or hoe a garden.

One of Darcy’s favorite memories is, “taking the clients to Stewart Memorial Community Hospital to water their plants. The friendships the clients have made with hospital and clinic staff is so valuable. The positive social interactions make this a special memory for me.”

There is a special quote posted by the gardens that reads: “Approach the garden and the plants within it as an adventure not a chore, as an opportunity not an obligation.” Quote by Hank Bruce and Jill Tomi Falk.

So, if you enjoy a walk on our beautiful trail, admire the bountiful garden that many hands planted and know how much love is put into each and every plant as it grows.

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