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Operation SOS Donation

 Our therapeutic  pool is in dire need of repairs and we need your help! Our pool is enjoyed by not only the clients, members and their families, but by our community as well. We need to replace the failed  mechanical equipment in order to keep our pool running and available for so many individuals. Contractors have determined that the Dectron Dehumidification Unit has failed and the boiler is in despair. Both of these components are the heart of any indoor pool, especially a therapeutic pool. These units will both be replaced along with the necessary duct, piping, and electrical work.

Opportunity Living offers swimming lessons, lifeguard classes, a therapeutic environment to train for athletes, aerobics classes, birthday parties and so much more! Our pool is just an overall great community indoor pool to swim in! It is heartwarming to watch a wheelchair bound client be able to move about more freely in the pool with a smile on their face. It truly will bring a tear to your eyes every single time! Your donation will affect not only our clients’ lives, but the community we serve as well!  Thank you for your support! It truly does make a difference!


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